Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Habits and the Best Nailcare Products Ever

I can't believe it's September already! Where did my summer go?

I hope all of you had a lovely long weekend and first day of school. I spent the weekend partying four nights in a row - on Friday I went to my girl Laura's birthday bash, on Saturday we feted with girlie cocktails, Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Camus XO (yum!) chez Nicole, on Sunday my BFF Jen hosted a get-together at her place for me where my boy Ramir gave me a copy of Vogue from Brasil, where he just returned from, and last night, I had the most incredible meal ever - the kind that epitomizes what excellent Chinese cuisine we have here.

I am pooped - and incredibly touched. How I adore all the people who love me!

And I'm leaving in three days - I can hardly believe it. The countdown is winding down.

I think that everyone counts time in their own special way. My brother, boring practical person that he is, counts days on a calendar. My little cousins count bedtimes they're forced to endure.

I count time with spa visits. A visit to the spa=a fortnight. You see, ever since sometime in second year, I've made bi-weekly trips to the spa, regular as clockwork. Usually in the winter, it's just for a nail fill. In the summer, it's for pedicures or mani-pedis, depending on my mood. It makes budgeting time a lot more fun, you see. And I firmly believe that a put-together person must have well-groomed nails.

So this summer, I've been getting regular mani-pedis. Consequently, I've been rocking spectacular nails all season long. However, based on the information I've found on sites of Ni├žois spas, I won't be able to afford continuing this habit of mine for the next ten months - not if I want to be travelling as much as I want, anyway. So last week, I kissed my gorgeously long fingernails goodbye and cut them short (since I won't be able to get fills), which also symbolised my impending arrival in Europe.

Because I'm a girl that likes to indulge in using fakies, since my own nails refuse to grow without breaking, my natural nails were ravaged by all the filing down that they've been put through all summer. When I complained about this, my esthetician, Fanny, introduced me to Duri Cosmetics' Rejuvacote Nail Growth System and, my goodness, my nails have never been this healthy.

I don't use this product anymore!  To see my new nail strengthener of choice, please click here!

The packaging is a little lacking, but it's a great product. You start by brushing on two coats of it on your bare nails (polish between the two coats optional) and continue to re-apply it every day for a week. When the week is over, wipe it off with polish remover and then re-apply every other day as a topcoat as needed.

After a week, I've found that my nails are much stronger, healthier and prettier as a result. And they're actually growing! Rejuvacote gives your nails a glossy shine that doesn't chip or peel away. I was told that even when you're down to the last bit, it won't get gummy. It also dries very quickly.

I love it and it's officially on my must-have list.

I also like to follow up with Solar Oil, a huge salon and spa staple, which I was also introduced to by an esthetician, back when I first began my spa habit. I like to rub generous amounts of it into my cuticles and around my nail area to keep my digits moisturized, pretty and hangnail-free. I'm planning to try to convince my mum to develop a good cuticle oil so that I'll have free access to lots at home.

Take good care of your nails and good luck in school!

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