Monday, July 21, 2008

Magic, Eye-Enlarging Contact Lenses?

It always sort of bothered me that in movies or TV shows where a female character undergoes a makeover, they basically take off her glasses, and -POOF!- she's gorgeous. What's wrong with glasses? Glasses are hot. I've always thought that I look better in mine.

But lately I've been considering getting contacts just for summer months because the bridge of my nose gets really sore with the frame rubbing against it in the humidity, and because then I would be able to rock my hot Betsey Johnson shades without being half-blind - it really bums me out that I can't drive in them. And I'm sorry, but I don't do clip-ons or transition glasses.

Then last night after dinner, my mom suddenly told me about these contacts that supposedly make your eyes look bigger. They're really popular in Asia right now, because naturally, we Asian girls love enhancing our eyes as much as Hollywood starlets love to drive impaired/starve/enhance other things/flash their crotches at the pappies.

The way they work is, there is a dark ring just a teensy shade larger in diameter than your natural iris (coloured part of the eye), with a shaded area within it that just sort of frames your eyes and basically makes your irises and your pupils look larger. This apparently results in a bigger and more alert effect. I think they look like anime eyes.

Personally, I have really dark irises already - they don't look discernible from my pupils unless you're really close - so I would only benefit from the dark ring making my irises look bigger. I'm not sure I'm edgy enough for cartoon-chic, though.

I think it's a matter of science. You know how lipstick was invented to emulate the flush of blood in the lips that occurs when you're attracted to someone or aroused? Similarly, the the pupils dilate when you're under the same circumstances, and this, I think, was made to create that effect.

But before you go rushing to your nearest Chinese mall to see if anyone has illegally imported them for sale here - beware that there have been cases where women have severely damaged their eyes and eyesight from these, so use at your own risk!

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