Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Brooder

He’s irresistibly attractive. He’s very polished and put-together because he has a strong sense of self-awareness. But he rarely smiles, and everyone who doesn’t know him well thinks that he hates them.

He can come off standoffish and impatient; he might be a little impatient, but he isn’t really standoffish. Some even perceive him to be pompous and self-important, but he really isn’t, because he actually has a very soft heart. His compassion can often get the better of him, although he rarely shows it.

He has a habit of staring out into space with an intense look in his eyes, a slight frown marring his dark brows. He often looks like he’s pondering the secrets of the universe – or like he’s pissed off. He doesn’t speak very much, but when he does, he speaks with a raspy whisper, with thoughtful pauses between his sentences. If you try to start a conversation with him he can be very engaging, albeit only for a minute or two before he stares off into space again, lost in his thoughts.

It must be such an intriguing place inside his head. I always want to ask him what he’s thinking about when I see him brooding, but I never do, because it seems like such an invasive question.

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