Sunday, February 7, 2010

Every Boy's Dream

She's the girl who has always had all the boys wrapped around her little finger. She knows exactly how to work them, how to manipulate them into doing what she wants, for her convenience.

"We'll get him to do (what we're trying to avoid)," she said to me proudly and conspirationally one day, "he'd do anything for me."

I am utterly fascinated when I observe the way she handles the opposite sex - the way the tone of her voice raises a decibel and lowers a shade in volume, the teasing way she gazes at her targets through her eyelashes, the subtle quirk of the corner of her mouth when she correctly thinks to herself that she has her victim exactly where she wants him. She instinctively knows just how to treat them to make them into her, to make them want to cater to her every whim. It's a skill I've never been able to develop and probably never will.

She's pretty, not because she's super gifted in the gene department, but more because she's youthful and very confident. She's the kind of girl I kind of wished I were when I was in high school, but not really, because our morals and values are too different. For example, she was genuinely horrified when I told her about Karma Face - what happens to people when they do immoral things, especially like stealing someone's boyfriend. Has it never occurred to her that doing immoral things would result in repercussions that would make her suffer? Maybe not physically, necessarily (although that really struck a chord with her), but certainly in some way that would be really awful. I've always thought it would, and it has always been a strong deterrent in me from doing bad things, what little conscience my mother managed to successfully develop in me notwithstanding. But maybe I'm just superstitious.

She's a bit shallow, but a lot of it is just because of her age. I hope and sincerely think she'll get better in that department as she grows older.

She doesn't give off the best first impression to girls, but she is friendly (albeit sometimes too soon) and can be a fun girl friend at times.

She's vivacious and there's something magnetic about her personality that affects men more, but affects women nonetheless.

She clearly adores herself, just like the majority of people around her, and as well she should, because, despite all of her quirks and (very interesting) faults, she is a nice girl.

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