Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jean Machine Fashion Reporter Contest!

Hi, friends!

I know, I know, I've been slacking off and neglecting my blog and that's totally not cool. But, as I hope you've seen, I've very recently started my own Youtube Channel and I've been working really hard on that - plus I've been working myself to the bone to save up enough money for Spain - so I hope you can understand!

Today, I entered a Fashion Reporter Search Contest held by Jean Machine, which is an ultrahip jean emporium here in Canada. It's a store I've loved since I was probably too young to be shopping there - they literally have jeans to fit and flatter every shape out there.

My very first pair of Jean Machine jeans were black, bootcut Silver Jeans. My goodness, they were so beautiful, and I was so sad when I grew out of them. I wore them so much that the denim became buttery soft! I especially loved them because they made me look about 10lbs. lighter than I really was.

A decade later, I still look for the same things in jeans - flattering fit, fashionable cut and comfort. That's how I'd describe my current favourite jeans (pictured left, my contest entry), even though they're totally different from that first pair I bought.

My current favourites are dark wash skinny jeans with a low (but not obscenely low) rise, and a seam detail at the bottom front of the legs. I feel like Superwoman in them - I feel invincible! As well I should, since these were my initial targets when I first started doing the being healthy and losing weight thing, 30lbs. ago.

Go check out the Jean Machine Facebook Fan Page, have a look at my entry and wish me luck, okay?


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