Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tasty Tuesday: Hae/Hwe Dup Bap at H-Mart

Hae dup bap at H-Mart
Hi, guys!

Summer’s winding to an end now and while most people would be bummed, I’m really enjoying the cooler weather (no more 40 degree temperature! yay!). And as always, I’m really looking forward to getting to rock some fall steeze – fall has always been the most exciting time of the year for fashion.

What does make me sad, however, is
my very recent discovery of The Perfect Summer Meal, because it means that it’ll soon get too cold to enjoy it – Korean seafood rice or hae dup bap (AKA hwe dup bap).

Was at H-Mart the other day because I was craving the amazing Korean fried chicken I had in Paris* – I remembered seeing a fried chicken stall in their food court during a previous visit and was hoping it would be at least similar to what I had in France.

Sadly, it didn’t seem to be open so I had to choose something else. What I ended up ordering wasn’t that spectacular but Superwoman ordered a hae dup bap, based on the pretty display picture – and what an excellent choice it was!

Prior to this, the only similar dish I’d had was chirashi – a Japanese dish that is basically a big bowl of sashimi over rice. You pour soy sauce over it (or in my case, wasabi-infused soy sauce), mix it all up and eat it.

Hae dup bap or hwe dup bap, however, is sashimi presented over all kinds of mostly fresh (and some pickled) veggies, like a very colourful salad, with rice served on the side. You dump the rice in, squirt sweet and sour Korean red pepper sauce all over it, mix it up and eat it.

It is SO good! So perfect for summer because it’s served cold, but the heat in the pepper sauce provides a nice contrast. I mean, just looking at it, it’s a beautiful dish, but the freshness of the ingredients really takes the cake.

The fish, though diced and kind of sparse, was nice and fresh, and all the veggies were very crispy. There was also some fish roe in it, which added colour and a nice crunch to every bite. The rice gives the dish more substance and makes sure that you’re full. The sauce is savoury and sweet and tangy, with a touch of heat, and it binds everything together beautifully.

All in all a very satisfying and delicious meal – for just $8.99, miso soup included, at H-Mart (at the leftmost stall in the food court).

9737 Yonge St.
Richmond Hill, ON 
L4C 8S7

*OMG I just realized that I’ve never written it up before – how is that even possible?! It’s coming up right away, I promise!

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