Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Stacey!

My stylish lawyer-to-be!
A HUGE Happy Birthday to one of my favourites, to my lovely and brainy and supersweet friend/confidante, my dearest, darlingest Stacey!  Here's to another year of adventures and learning and laughter and love and happiness and good health and good grades!  23 was so jam-packed; 24 will be even better.  I'm so proud of you for all your accomplishments, and for rocking out in law school, and being a leader!
Us livin' it up in Monaco :)
As always, I love and adore and miss you TONS but I love knowing you're always just an e-mail away.  I appreciate how you always make time for me, even when you're totally swamped, and I know that you're always on my side.  It makes me feel better when Superwoman is being nasty and crows, "Stacey's not going to (have time to) play with you anymore after she graduates, when she's a big, important attorney!" :P

Our travel pact is still on, right?  A food-centric trip as soon as we both can afford it?  Is it still Bologna or should we do Portugal?  I hear Lisbon and Porto are great places to eat.  In that case, can we make a pit stop in Seville? :D  Or should we do Tokyo?  Best place to eat EVER.  Or Taiwan? I guess we have time to decide. :P


Stargazing & getting photographed at the Cannes Film Festival :D

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Your sister from another mista said...

LOVE!! Thanks for all the love! So many great mems together. We need to make this travel thing happen so we can have more!