Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm heading to the land of peace signs and slammin' electronics (Tokyo) for Christmas! SO EXCITED!

My Aunt K has been dying to see my mum for ages and I was whining to her pathetically about having to spend Christmas alone, so she invited us to go visit her and my uncle. I'm so pumped to see my mom I can't even tell you. It's almost a little embarrassing. And I'm incredibly thankful that I won't have to stay in one of those cells in walls as seen in America's Next Top Model, because my relatives have a house there.

Tokyo is such a fascinating city because the culture is so unique. I mean, people say that Toronto mirrors New York and Montreal/Quebec are a little like Europe, but Tokyo really is in a category all its own. The fashion is so interesting and the food is so good. During my two weeks there, I plan to:

*people-watch in Harajuku
*go shopping in Shibuya and Roppongi Hills
*see the Christmas lights at Shinjuku and Shiodome
*soak in a natural spring
*pick up some Japanese phrases
*eat my way through the city!

Any other suggestions?

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