Thursday, October 6, 2011

Basic French Manicure #2

My basic French mani v2.0!
Much better than last time, right?

This might just be my favourite French polish combination yet.  Here, I'm wearing
a coat of Essie Vanity Fairest, two coats of Essie Marshmallow, and one coat of Orly Fifty Four (with base coat and top coat, of course).

I think I've found my French tip white polish Holy Grail!  Marshmallow is quite sheer, almost like a jelly, which is why it is very forgiving.  With stark white, chalky polishes, not only do they look unnatural but you will almost always mess up your French tip when you go over it a second time for boo-boos.  Marshmallow is a soft, cooked egg white sort of white, so it looks ultra natural.  I even surprised a few people when I referred to my nail polish - they told me they thought my nails naturally looked that perfect (I wish!).

Essie Vanity Fairest is also notable because while most people like to use Mademoiselle, which is also pretty, Vanity Fairest carries the slightest hint of shimmer/sparkle.  It's very subtle but it's there and it's gorgeous!  It is also a very sheer colour, just like Mademoiselle.  It enhances the pinks of your nails but it's barely visible - I am loving this polish so hard right now.

However, during a recent trip to Trade Secrets, the lovely saleslady introduced me to OPI's Funny Bunny, which has a very similar consistency to Marshmallow.  I've always loved the consistency of most OPI polishes so I can't wait to investigate how that holds up as a French tip colour.  Stay tuned! :)

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