Thursday, October 13, 2011



I know, you guys, I know I'm slacking this week.  But I have a legitimate excuse, I promise!  I just started a second job and I have not gotten used to the heavier work schedule yet.  As such, I need a bit of a reprieve this week, but on Sunday, I will be back, with bells on! :)

Why am I taking a second job?  Well, the opportunity kind of dropped into my lap, to be honest.  I wasn't thinking of doing two jobs but I was approached and I thought, hey, this could be fun!  And it also goes towards supplementing my entry-level income, which is very needed and appreciated.  So on the days when my two jobs overlap, I have 15 hour days.  I also work every weekend now, so on average I work about 10 days before I get a day off.  But it's okay, because happiness is being busy with things you enjoy!

And what, precisely, are my jobs?  I'm obviously not going to go into identifiable details, but if you've glanced at my About Me panel to the right, I do marketing for a living.  That's my bread.  My butter, now, is beauty.  That's right, I've been initiated into the beauty biz!  Which I'm thrilled and excited about because, as you all probably know, beauty products are, like, my life.  Plus I will have TOOONS to share about with you here.  So keep an eye out for lots of product reviews and recommendations in the future!

Hope you all are doing wonderfully.  Talk to you Sunday!


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