Friday, August 1, 2008

Newest Addition to My Tech Harem

In a perfect world, I'd have several harems. That's right, not one, but at least a few. One for men (hee!), one for clothes, one for shoes, one for bags, one for jewellery, one for cars, one for books (I believe they call those libraries) and one for techie toys.

I've very recently added to my tech harem - it's a compact, little Dell XPS M1330 laptop! (But mine is black.) 13.3" screen, 3G memory, 250G hard drive, 9-cell battery - pure hotness, and quite an upgrade from my current Inspiron6000 (15.4", 512MB memory, 70G hard drive, 7 freaking pounds - that's more than I weighed when I was born!). I can't even tell you how excited I am to get it on Tuesday. EEE!!!

As such, I must honour the occasion by naming my new laptop. I have a thing for names; I name everything, you see. My little green car is Grasshopper (although admittedly, my aunts who owned the car before me came up with that one), my iPod is Raoul, my teddy bear is Jean Claude...

I've decided to name my laptop Cerveau, which is French for "brain", in honour of me going on exchange this fall and in honour of my heritage, because the Chinese term for "computer", translated directly, is "electronic brain."

I'm really pumped because it's got some pretty good reviews, which in turn means it's got my brother's approval. Don't tell him I said this, but I listen to him about almost everything. The only two times I ever went against his advice (joining my sorority and calling a boy who was supposed to call me) I was SO sorry. Like, intensely sorry. So I generally try not to deviate from his suggestions too much if at all anymore.

Now that I have a respectable, little tech harem going on, I think I should get to work on my man harem, don't you? ;P

P.S. It's a civic holiday here in Canada, which means we have Monday off. Happy Long Weekend!

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