Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Us!


The Soap Heiress has been up for a month! I'm elated and ecstatic and I just don't know where the time went. As always, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting and reading this blog. You make my life.

At one month, we've reached my renewed goal of 200 absolute unique visitors (we've had 231), and we're averaging at about 30 hits a day, with visitors from 21 countries (wow!). Not too shabby! Visitor loyalty and the number of returning visitors are also increasing steadily.


Also, I want to thank everyone who participated in our One-Month Birthday Giveaway - your answers were all so good, I decided to choose a winner at random, literally by picking out a name from a container.

And the winner is...




Wendy from Scarborough, ON! Congratulations, Wendy, and thanks for your awesome input! Will be in contact with you shortly.

Now! When a baby is born to a (traditional) Chinese family, a banquet/party (called the "Full Month") is held when it turns a month old because it means the kid was strong enough to survive the first month of life, which then means that it is strong enough to be shown off to family and friends - and the mother has recovered sufficiently from her confinement.

If I were to hold a "Full Month" party for my blog, I wouldn't serve red boiled eggs and ginger with vinegar as tradition dictates, but stuff that actually tastes junk food. There's something really relaxing, delightful and comforting about junk food.

Lately at the office, the girls that I work with and I have been in Munchie Mode. It's like there's always a party at our corner because we they bring in lots of munchies. I've only contributed a couple times because there's almost no junk food at my house - I almost always eat it as soon as I buy it.

But if I were to bring in something really special, I would bring Japanese junk food. The packaging is always gorgous and really enticing - plus their food is really creative. A notable favourite of mine is Calbee Pizza potato chips.

I haven't been able to find pizza-flavoured Pringles in a long time even though I really like it, but it really doesn't hold a torch to Calbee Pizza chips. The latter is ruffled, so that the grooves can hold more flavour (same principle with pasta!) and not only is there flavouring, but also bits of cheese, dried herbs and (purportedly) bacon bit-type things on them. It sounds a little over-the-top, but I am telling you, it is phenomenal and SO worth the inflated prices.

If you ever need a little somethin' somethin' when you're studying or working or sad or when you're celebrating, I highly recommend adding a bag of Calbee Pizza chips to your plans!

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