Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Could I Be So Stupid???

a.k.a. I am so smart! S-M-R-T!
a.k.a. MASSIVE Culinary Fail

I've been noticing that ever since I moved into my new apartment, nothing I've been cooking has been working out; everything's been tasting very bland, even when I saturate it with as much salt as I dare.

I didn't realize it at first because, actually, I like mild flavours and I don't normally need to add salt to my food. And I think I kind of imagined that things were tasting a bit better after I added salt to them, even though they weren't.

But last night, after making some onion scrambled eggs (a family favourite) and not tasting a difference even after adding a generous sprinkle of salt, I started to wonder if there was something wrong with my salt. Maybe I bought a defective bottle. Maybe I bought "mild" salt, if there was such a thing...

So I poured some of my salt on my hand to taste it and noticed that, indeed, it wasn't salty. I took a closer look at the bottle and saw...

...the words "SODIO BICARBONATO."

Which ≠ sodium chloride (NaCl). I've been cooking with baking soda for the past month thinking that it's salt!!! HOW STUPID COULD I BE?!?!?!

My only excuse is that, apparently a few years later, I'm still recovering from the brain cells that died when I temporarily lost my mind and joined a sorority.

I guess I just saw "sodium" on the bottle and immediately thought 'salt!'

No wonder nothing's been tasting right. No wonder I've been feeling bloated after eating my own cooking. My goodness, I knew I was silly but I didn't think I was STUPID.

Oh, me. :P


Amy said...

LOL oh Christine, I miss you.

Emily said...

Hey christina! I recently joined the blog world and was reading through you are funny. I cant believe you are living in spain (living my dream lol). Also, a big lmao for using baking soda instead of salt ;)

Xtine said...

@Amy I miss you too!!! And I especially love you for remembering to leave your comment here! XOXOXO

@Emily Hi! Thank you for your comment! :D How did you come across my blog?

Emily said...

Ive known about it for some time through facebook :) Thought Id peak in finally to your exciting globe-trotting life ;)

Xtine said...

Thanks so much for reading me, Emily! And good luck with your business! :)