Thursday, September 23, 2010

IT Boys Are Universally Awkward

A Spanish man let a door slam in my face for the first time since I've been here.

It's pretty much unheard of - men of all ages in Spain tend to be more chivalrous than their Canadian (and, I might add, American) counterparts*. Doors are always held, fellow pedestrians always "yield the right of way" to ladies in narrow walkways, doorways, hallways, etc., people who are just friends have insisted on walking me home to make sure I got there safely... A male co-worker even apologized to me once for swearing profusely in front of me. (Well, he swears every so often, but on this occasion his words were especially harsh and vulgar.)

So I was very surprised, needless to say, when one day, I was approaching the door of my office building just as a co-worker was getting there at the same time and not only did he not say hi at least, which is rare in Spain, but he looked at me quickly, walked through the door, and let the door slam in my face just as I approached.

I always suspected that he doesn't like me much, although I have no idea why, since we don't really know each other.  He speaks really brusquely (when he speaks at all!), in short, clipped tones, he barely looks at me when he speaks, he walks super quickly so I feel like I'm in his way when he's walking behind me, he's always frowning disapprovingly...

In fact, I noticed, almost all the guys in his department are like that.

Then it hit me.  Of course!  It's because they're IT boys!

And the more I compare them with the ones I know at home, the more things I find in common among them:
-They all have very short haircuts.
-They wear glasses.
-They obviously don't care about fashion because...
-...they wear the same things to work all the time: jeans + baggy tee with weird graphics OR baggy polos, buttoned up to the neck, in muted colours OR short-sleeved button-downs in garish colours/patterns.
-They can effortlessly fix whatever is wrong with your computer even if you'd been struggling with a problem for the better part of an hour.
-They don't speak much.
-They don't seem very friendly and...
-...they seem to be afraid of girls because...
-...they're SO AWKWARD!!!

Alas, IT Boy Awkwardness > (or at least is more powerful than) Genetic Spanish Charm


*If you're a North American guy reading this, chill out - it's a generalization, but...well, it's true.  If you disagree, reflect on why someone would feel this way - it's not an uncommon sentiment. :P

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