Thursday, October 21, 2010

Madrid Mini-Giveaway!!!

*snap!* You don't  KNOOOW ME! 
(That's my favourite line from trashy reality shows as well as garbage talk shows.)

Rather more accurately, I don't know you.  Who are yous?  If I were to go by comments alone, I'd guess that I have maybe 10 readers.  But according to Google Analytics as well as my blog's own analytics program, a few hundred of you - individual visitors, not talking pageviews - come here a week, and nearly 70% of you are not first time visitors.

So who are you?  Where are you from and how did you come across my blog?  I'm dying to know - humour me, please? :D

Here, let's make a deal.  You either send me a short e-mail (thesoapheiress(at) or quick comment or SOMETHING to let me know that you exist - tell me where you're located (just country is fine), how you came across my blog, your e-mail and any other information you'd like (what your dog's name is, what your favourite kind cupcake is, whatever :P).  Only one entry per person.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 27th...let's say 6pm Madrid time, I will put all those names into a hat and get my girl Vriendin to draw 10 names.  Those 10 will receive a postcard from Madrid from me.  And all the participants will get my undying love and appreciation!!! 

The 10 winners will be notified by e-mail and their postcards will be sent out on Friday, October 29th.  

I absolutely promise I won't do anything with your e-mails (and any other info you might disclose), sell or share them with anyone, etc.  Please, please, please give me some e-love!  Wait, not THAT kind. :P

Please drop me a line!  Let me know that there actually are people out there reading me!  ...I'll make it worth your while... Sorry, I'll stop with the innuendos now. XP

And, well, if it turns out that the analytics sites are wrong and that there are actually only 10 of you, well, you're guaranteed a postcard, so write me anyway!

What do you say? :D

Go ahead and start talking to me, already!


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