Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shellac 1 Week Update!

Bio Seaweed Soak-Off Gel in Grapefruit - 1 week later
Hi guys!  As promised, here I am exactly a week later to give you an update on my "Shellac" manicure - to see my intro post about the product and my experience, click here.

I have to say,
I'm very, very impressed!  I went into the spa with chipping, peeling nails and I didn't expect the manicure to last even a week, because shellac will peel with your natural nails.  But a week later, they are still going strong, still glossy as ever, still looking beautiful, without betraying all the abuse I've dealt my hands cooking and cleaning for Sweetheart - I know, I've become one of those. >.<

Anyway, the only thing that gives away the fact that my manicure isn't fresh is the little bit of growth between my cuticles and the product.  But since my nails grow at a snail's pace, this is a-okay.

Will come back in another week to let you know how it holds up! :)

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