Thursday, March 28, 2013

Target Canada Haul & First Impressions!

My first Target Canada Haul! :D
At laaaaaaaast!
My looove has come along...
My lonely days are overrr...
And life is liiike a sooong!!!

I am, of course, referring to Target’s arrival in Canada! This is proof-positive that every once in a while, the Retail Fairies answer our prayers*. Those of us who have Target on our US Must Go Lists have been hotly anticipating their debut here in the homeland ever since it was first announced.

On the day of their debut (Tuesday, March 19th),
I made the trip to a location that was on my way home from work. I never had much of a reason to visit that mall, but on opening day, the (rather small) parking lot was PACKED, as was the store itself. It was like being in Madrid during a festival or being in any major Asian city on a regular day – lots of people everywhere, and I had to shuffle skilfully to navigate the store. As Superwoman would say, it was as if everything were free.

The familiar, simple, red and white décor greeted me like an old friend and I actually ran into my girl SS and her boyfriend, who works at Target Canada’s head office. Inside, I was delighted to see that the departments I care most about were front and centre, right on the main level – I am, of course, referring to beauty and apparel. A lot of the clothes are actually quite cute, and there were a lot of pretty bikinis and cover-ups on display. Because I went there towards the end of the day, things were rather picked over – which is to be expected, at a discount store.

In the beauty section, I was thrilled to see that they carried a bunch of brands that normally aren’t available in Canada, like Sonia Kashuk, Pixi, and Sinful Colors!!! I was a little bummed that they didn’t carry Sonia Kashuk makeup (only brushes, which are awesome, but still), NYX’s complete product line, or OPI (which is available at American Targets and are a great deal). But I was too happy about everything else to dwell on it. I am, however, sending another prayer up to the Retail Fairies that these things will eventually make their way into Canadian Targets in the near future!

A quick cursory glance confirmed that prices for makeup are indeed very fair, especially when compared to their competitors in Canada. Obviously, they won’t be as inexpensive as in the States, but if you compare the makeup prices at Target with Rexall and Shoppers (of course), they are very reasonable. The prices for clothing are not expensive but not super low, either – it’s pricier than Wal-Mart and Suzy Shier, say, but the quality is also much, much better. My main gripe is that the workout clothes cost almost as much as brand name ones – a pair of workout capris are $40-45, and you can easily get Nikes or Adidas for maybe $10 more! There’s a great selection of athletic wear brands at Sportchek that are in the same price range as Target athletic wear or even slightly cheaper, so why wouldn’t I just get gear from a brand that specializes in workout apparel?

That aside, I had a great shopping experience – the enormous lines for the cash registers moved surprisingly quickly and the hosiery selection was siiick! – and I’m looking forward to years of happiness and retail fulfillment with Target Canada!

Here is what I got:
Sonia Kashuk #115 Large Duo-Fiber Multipurpose Brush
Price in Canada: $12.99
Price in USA: $12.99
For dusting on my setting powder (MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural).

Sonia Kashuk #124 Small Duo-Fiber Multipurpose Brush
Price in Canada: $10.99
Price in USA: $10.99
For applying highlighter and perhaps a light wash of blush.

Sonia Kashuk #202 Precision Liner Brush
Price in Canada: $4.99
Price in USA: $4.99
To be used as a pencil brush.

Sonia Kashuk #116 Large Crease Brush
Price in Canada: $5.99
Price in USA: $5.99
For blending out darker shadows with transition colours.

Sonia Kashuk #28 Medium Shadow Brush
Price in Canada: $10.99
Price in USA: $10.79
I'm kinda hoping this'll be somewhat comparable to the MAC217 - it certainly looks like it! I plan to use this to blend out powder shadows and to apply cream shadows.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan
Price in Canada: $8.99
Price in USA: $6.00 (what?!)
I have this in the shade Milan and, to be honest, I don't like it.  It looks like a chalky baby pink on my lips - not pretty.  I should've just stuck to my signature dark colours!  I'm hoping to try this product in San Paolo, Amsterdam, and/or Monte Carlo - none of which are available at my nearest Target location, unfortunately. :(

Image Source
Price at Target Canada: $4.99
Price at Shoppers Drug Mart: $6.99
This is one of my staple products that I like to have around!

*Other prayers I’ve sent to the Retail Fairies:
-bring Kiko Makeup Milano to North America (preferably Canada but the US will be okay to begin with) or at least getting them to start shipping internationally on their e-store, with reasonable shipping rates/free shipping
-make Bioderma Atoderm PO Zinc available at Shopper’s Drug Mart and/or Rexall
-bring Daiso & JapaDog to Toronto
-bring Majolica Majorca and other Japanese make up brands to Toronto at a reasonable price
-make Canadian prices the same as US prices for makeup, books, and especially magazine subscriptions (this, I know, is completely out of the realm of Ever Happening)
-also totally out of the realm of Ever Happening: making the prices for French skincare the same in Canada as it is in France, particularly as listed at my favourite pharmacie on 4, rue du Four in Paris


LTHL said...

Ooh, nice haul! Those brushes are 10% off this week! I may visit target this fri. :)

Tina said...

Thank you for reading me! I wish I knew about the sale earlier. I was just there yesterday and a lot of the racks were empty though - get there before everyone else does! ^.^