Monday, July 7, 2008

Ginger Esthetic Spa

I firmly believe that every girl/woman/gay boy should be married to a spa and salon. Every one of us deserves to have those two special places that we can count on to make us beautiful (and therefore happy), who will never fail us, who will cheer us up on bad days, who will pamper us without abandon, forever and ever amen.

When I went to school in London, Ontario, I was married to Ginger Esthetic Spa. Whenever I was stressed out from school, the drama of sororityland, or if I just needed to be pampered, I'd make an appointment and it worked every time. The décor is tasteful, the ambience is relaxing, and the service is great, especially since they don't try to upsell you, like many spas do.

There, I met Fiona, the best nail tech I have ever met - and I am almost unreasonably picky. If I ever become rich enough to be able to afford hiring a posse to follow me around to keep me beautiful, I'd hire her at any cost to be in charge of my nails.

Ginger's nailcare services really take the cake because they are the only place I have ever found that doesn't use drills for artificial nail application, so the damage to your nails is minimal. They do a great job for fakies because they use the Brisa nail system - it's so natural-looking and lightweight that no one could ever tell that my nails weren't my own.

I came across Ginger in first year, when I went to another spa in London to ask for sponsors for a sorority charity event. I'd just gotten my nails done very poorly at a cheap nail bar, and the ladies at the other spa totally cut me up, as if I weren't aware of how pornstar-like my nails looked! Then they referred me to Ginger because their spa doesn't offer these services, and I went to Ginger faithfully for the remainder of the time I spent in London.

The owner, Janice, is a certified podiatrist and natural-products specialist. All the ingredients they use for their facials and massages are all-natural, and they smell fantastic! Her products are available on sale as well, if you try something and really like it. Their repair serum is phenomenal, and better than all the serums out there on the market, in my opinion.

Ginger is located at 181 Albert St. in London, ON. For further inquiries, call 519-646-2979.

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