Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thanks+Mascara Myth Busted!


As of yesterday, two days shy of this blog's 2-week birthday, I've reached my one-month goal of 100 unique visitors, with nearly half of you being returning visitors! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

According to Google Analytics, you guys are from nine different countries - welcome to the readers from Spain and the United Arab Emirates! So glad you're joining me here!

This is so overwhelming, I might need some waterproof mascara...

Okay, so I don't actually use mascara, but I know there are a lot of mascara addicts out there. (Don't worry, I won't judge you. ;P) And according to Napoleon Perdis, the makeup sponsor of Australia's Next Top Model, it's the one beauty product that every woman must own and use on a regular basis.

I played with mascara in high school, but I stopped using it because eyeliner seems to work better in making my eyes and lashes look bigger, and well, because a science student friend once told me with absolute conviction that mascara is made of bat poo.


The mother of the boy I love recently informed me that she plans to supply me long-term with Clinique mascara (because she's ballin' and gets lots of free stuff), so I decided to investigate the truth of this myth lest I blindly forfeit quality makeup and such a grand gesture of love.

The verdict?


You see, regular mascaras are composed of water, soft surfactants, waxes, pigments, thickening polymers and preservatives. Waterproof mascaras are composed of a volatile solvent, waxes, pigments and filmifying polymers. For a really informative look at the manufacturing process of mascara, click here.

So, dear mascara addicts and moderate users alike, don't worry! :)

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