Thursday, July 17, 2008

Before the Rainbow Gets Here...

It's our two week birthday today!

The growth of this blog has been more than I ever could've hoped for, and your continued support means the world to me. My blog is my baby. Thank you for loving my baby! :D

I also just found out that I'm receiving a $5000 scholarship next year - EEE!!! That almost covers all the rent for next year - that makes all my exhaustion and stress so much more worth it. I've been totally drained every day since I've started my current day job and I was feeling so awful/frustrated today, but now, suddenly everything is so much better.

And what heralded this awesome day this morning? Drizzling rain. Exactly the kind, I've been told, that I'll have to contend with next year during the winter months on the Côte d'Azur. That brings me to a question I've been grappling with for a long time: How does one stay fashionable in the shoe department when it rains?

I've decided that I will need to bring a pair of rain boots with me next year. Because aesthetics aside, I think that totally ignoring practicality (in my situation) wouldn't be smart. Here are the low-high choices I've discovered:


Target Solid Wedge Rain Boots in Pink $19.99

Good ol' Tarjay. It's not an option for all of us living outside the States, so in this case I'd have to hit up my Aunt Shirley in Westchester. But they have a veritable ton of adorable styles. Upon reading through the comments, I've found that there may be some issues with quality, but these are so affordable they won't be too painful to replace, and I'm sure that you'll be fine as long as you don't abuse them. My pick is the pink wedge because it gives you a lift, it's a little bit different (and therefore special) and it's my power colour.

$$: Floral Rainboot $34.00

I love the retro pattern on these - they kind of remind me of Ikea! These are pretty affordable too, except again, they only ship to the States, sadly.


Marc by Marc Jacob Rain Boot $194.00 now on sale for $166.00

Did you know that Marc Jacobs makes rainboots? I didn't until this morning. Not really my cup of tea, these ones, but if anything Marc Jacobs just does it for you (and you have extra money floating around) I say go for it.

Hunter Rain Boots $115.00

Hunters are supposed to be superpractical - perhaps that accounts for the price? Luckily, aesthetics don't have to succumb to utility because they're now available in all sorts of fun colours. These also have great traction, and I love that the shaft is nice and tall. Naturally, I like hot pink.

And best for last:

Juicy Couture Sabrina Viva Rain Boots $108.00

These are my dream rainboots! Le sigh. But even though I just got an unexpected $5000, I think my money would be much better spent on travelling next year - that's how I've been reining in my spending this summer. I think these are divine because the buckles are more ornate than your average, the print doesn't get all wonky near the ankle like lower-end rain boots, and the graffiti is so funky. These are definitely my favourites of the bunch, and I found them on sale here at JCY House!

So there you have it - your tootsies can be covered and dry no matter what your budget. For more great choices, click here (I especially like the Tretorn, Nine West and Roxy ones). Happy puddle-jumping! :)

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