Friday, July 18, 2008

My Face In A Bottle

I think it's time for a heart-to-heart(-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart, between all 100 or so of us!). When I'm unhappy, I have this awful habit of buying things - not to the point of destitution, thankfully, but just things I may not need, or slightly more expensive than I can afford. I believe they call it retail therapy. ;}

This was the situation I found myself in during winter break last December, when I was home recuperating from an abusive relationship with my then-sorority. I was on my way to have dinner with my best friends on Bloor when, naturally, I was distracted by the gorgeousness of Holt Renfrew and just had to go in.

I was admiring the makeup counters and made a stop to chat up the Prescriptives people - I've loved Calyx ever since I was a little girl, after smelling it on my aunts and later being given a tiny vial, and I was really excited to acquire my own bottle just months before at 20 years old.

Out of curiosity, I asked about their foundation since I had been considering getting some, when they introduced me to their Custom Blend line - and a monster was created!

I was just fascinated with the whole process of them trying to match me - they swipe a few tester sticks on your jaw to figure out what undertones you have, and they adjust it from there. I have red/orange undertones, I was told, which is apparently rare for a Chinese girl (most of us are yellow, of course). They found the shade closest to me in the type of coverage I want, then adjusted it to fit the exact shade of my face - I think they put in a pump of purple to take away the yellowness, among a couple other things. Then, they added goodies to it to suit my skin type - moisturizer in my case.

Afterwards, I had loose powder and pressed powder made according to the same colour formula, and I was done! The nice thing is, the foundation and loose powder come with an additional travel-sized version of the product. They also write down the formula for you on a card so that you'll be able to get more when you run out, wherever there is a Prescriptives counter, and their cosmetics line is conveniently sorted according to whatever looks good for each undertone group.

The service was also great. My cosmetician was super nice; she gave me a mini-facial before matching me, and made me up afterwards. Let me tell you, I love Prescriptives' skin care line - they're really gentle on my sensitive skin. I have no use for all the anti-aging stuff yet, but the moisturizing products are all very nice.

The only thing was, I wanted to puke when they finally rang me up. The foundation, pressed powder and loose powder came to just under $200, at about $180something if I remember correctly. But seeing as how it's the exact shade of my face and it was such a good shopping experience and it'll last me forever because I don't go all out makeup-wise every day, it's very good value.

The best part? I won't have any more of these horror pictures! :D

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