Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Victoria's Secret Pink Collegiate Collection

Are you a sucker for school merch? I'm a sucker for school merch. My school can slap their name or logo on virtually anything and I'll be tempted to buy it. Pair it with a popular label and my resolve is dust.

That's probably why it's a good thing that my school isn't one of the 33 teamed with Victoria's Secret Pink in their new Pink Collegiate Collection. This collection features the logos and mascots of the 33 participating schools on a range of products, including sweats, totes, jackets, underwear, and even bedding - and let me tell you, if they decided to do that here just in the province of Ontario, all the Western, Queens, York and Ryerson girls, at the very least, would be all over it.

The only thing is, the Canadian counterpart of Victoria's Secret, La Senza, doesn't have the same level of prestige or "fab quotient" as VS itself, despite the fact that it is owned by Limited Brands, which also owns VS - and the company's reps have maintained that they are neither going to move the chain to Canada nor transform La Senza into VS. Thus, hardcore Canadian girls will have to continue to traipse to the States and/or search high and low online for avenues to score their precious VS stuff.

The new La Senza line, Lola & Coco by La Senza, is modelled after VSPink, but it seems to lack the same lustre as Pink, and there are way fewer products because it's a much smaller line. It still has quite some way to go to establish a following like Pink's, before it will reach that echelon of coolness, if ever. The marketing is totally not at the same level, either.

Still, one can dream. And this sweatpant with a large W on it, from the University of Washington line, is the closest I can find to my school's symbols. Maybe if I squint really hard and turn my head sideways it'll look like the real thing?

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victoria said...

my daughter had been looking for these pants!!