Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Good Friend

We've known each other forever, pretty much.  Okay, we've known each other since we were four.  Well, I suppose that's not entirely true, either, because my mom actually enrolled me in kindergarten late so I technically started school in April (which was hard, since everyone already knew each other at that point - thanks, mom!) so I was technically already five.  But she was four, because her birthday's in June.

Anyway, we've known each other for a long, long time.  We went to elementary school and high school together.  She was the only one of my friends from home who ever visited me in university.  She's one of those people that, because I've known her so long, I trust her completely.  She's always got my back (despite her occasional, diabolical musings) and I've always got hers (despite my vanity and self-centeredness).  If she ever needs anything, I will be there for her with it, with bells on.

We don't talk to each other every day, but we don't have to.  In fact, we don't keep in touch that regularly.  But every time we're in the same city, we make an effort to hang out, and every time we see each other, we pick right up where we left off, like we've never been apart.

When my head's floating away in the stratosphere, she'll yank me back down.  When I need moral support, she'll give it to me unreservedly, not just because she's a good friend, but because she genuinely believes in me and believes that I can do anything I commit to.

And when my mother is away by herself to work in her city, she always makes an effort to go help my mum out, which is probably one of the things I love most about her, and which I especially appreciate when I'm living abroad.  Anyone who's good to Superwoman is good to me and automatically earns a spot on my List of Favourite People - although I suppose she was on it already, all along. :)



Alexandra said...

Awww yay I get a blog post!
Hehe I look forward to Fair November all year and helping your mom out is part of that :)

Xtine said...