Monday, November 8, 2010

My Dream Home

I've been a little stuck with finding a topic today, so I'm accepting the help from NaBloPoMo and I'm using the writing prompt du jour, which is:

What would your dream home/apartment/condo/yurt look like? Where would it be? Who'd live in it with you?

What a fun question!  First of all, I had no idea what a yurt was, so I had to Google it, and while I wouldn't like to live in one of those permanently, I wouldn't mind staying in one of those on vacation, maybe in Bhutan or Indonesia or somewhere in Thailand...

My ultimate fantasy dream home would be...gosh.  Maybe a roomy, posh apartment on the Upper East Side in Manhattan - or TriBeCa.  Or maybe it'd be a nice apartment in the Mid-Levels district in Hong Kong.  Or Tokyo!!!  Or I suppose I'd settle for Toronto. :P  Definitely a penthouse.

Type of Home:
I've only mentioned apartments so far because I like to live in huge cities - then again, my aunt lived in a house in downtown Tokyo.  But I think I'd rather have a roomy apartment than a small house - but don't quote me on that, because I don't really know.

I really like modern but comfy esthetics.  I generally like colours that are mild and soothing - sages, creams, taupes.  I like to have fresh flours everywhere.  Just very simple, minimalist, light-coloured, elegant - but comfy.  Halogen lighting everywhere and lots of big windows, for natural light.  It has to look like a home, as opposed to a magazine spread. 

Living room:
It has to have a big, squishy, fabric (not leather) couch, complete with throws, to relax in with a huge plasma TV, DVD machine, Hi-Fi, surround soud and some kind of karaoke amenities.  The couch has to be super comfortable and nice to nap in.  I'd love to have a light-coloured wooden coffee table with cork coasters.  I'd love to have some kind of squishy recliner.  My living room has to have lots of natural light, maybe via floor-to-ceiling windows (with a nice view), and several reading lamps - at least one per couch or chair - because I like to just sit and read or surf the net.  I'd like to have trinkets I've picked up from all over the world displayed on shelves, as well as pictures of my family and best friends.  Maybe I'd hang some Chinese calligraphy somewhere, a poem that means a lot to me or just a phrase.  And in my living room I'd have all the CDs, DVD movies and TV shows I've ever wanted to buy but haven't been able to afford yet.  Oh, and I'd love for there to be a gas fireplace with a nice mantle.

Roomy, with stainless steel appliances and all tricked out with everything anyone who wants to feed me might ever want, including a Kitchen-Aid mixer, a Microplane grater, a good set of nonstick cookware, simple, elegant cutlery and dinnerware, basic wine glasses and champagne flutes, a fridge that makes ice and dispenses water with plenty of room in the freezer for my ice creams.  I'd need to have a dishwasher.  Oh, and I've love to have a countertop grill as well as a Magic Bullet and a juicer. :P  Oh, and there has to be a big block of Parmegiano-Reggiano in the fridge as well as rice and pasta in the cupboards.

I'd love to have a library/study with a bookshelf wall and a rolling ladder!  I'd have fresh flowers in here and I'd probably hang my diplomas and certificates here, as well as those of the man of the house.  My scanner/printer/copier/fax machine would be in here.  I'd also have a comfy, rolling, ergonomic chair and an L-shaped desk - perhaps two sets of these, for him and for myself.

My room:
Has to be an ensuite - will talk about my bathroom later.  I'd have a pale green and cream themed room...or maybe something more unisex.  I'd have a king-sized bed with no foot board.  I'd love to have a canopy, but I wouldn't if I were living with the man I love, which I would be in my dream house.  There'd be an awesome dresser for me (with all my favourite perfumes arranged nicely on top of it), two walk-in closets (one for each person).  There has to be a good reading lamp next to my side of the bed, as well as a huge stack of books beside my bed, as always.  I'd have a fluffy down comforter and lots of fluffy pillows.  There has to be a hideable full-length mirror somewhere, maybe behind a closet door or something.  Oh, and there'd be no phone in my room.  Phones are strictly forbidden.  I've always hated having one in my room, but my mom's always insisted - and it also happens to have to be placed right on my headboard. >.<

My ensuite bathroom:
There'd be a large stall shower with two or more shower heads!  The shower has to be awesome - strong water pressure and high temperature.  I'd also love to have a huge tub - doesn't necessarily have to be a jacuzzi.  There'd be candles around the tub and on the counters, and there'd be two sinks.  There'd be a marble floor and a pretty backsplash (is that what those are called or does it just apply to the kitchen?).  And it has to be stocked full of all my essential products, of course - all kinds of things I can't afford right now, like La Mer and Dr. Hauschka, etc.

My rooftop terrace (because my apartment would be a penthouse):
Just simple, with a swing seat and a couple other comfy seats, with lots of flowers and with a good view.  Maybe there'd be a barbecue.

Other rooms:
Two - one for each of my kids, decorated however they want, within reason.

Guest room:
Just one.  Nice and clean and simple.

Who I'd live there with:
Now that's a good question!  Maybe Takeshi Kaneshiro?  Lee-Hom or a hot Spanish futbolista?  Some successful businessman? Who knows? Just a good man who loves me, and our two babies. :P  And my mother either next door or on another floor or down the street or somewhere close by.  Oh, and also I'd be living with one or two adorable cats who'd be total attention whores and who I wouldn't be allergic to. >.<

-I must have a cleaner/housekeeper
-I must have a superfast Internet connection
-there must be an awesome heating/air-conditioning system
-the building has to be well-located, close to nice supermarkets, a few awesome bakeries, maybe close enough for me to walk to work...
-we'd have two garage spaces for our two cars, and my car has to be bright red and sexy
-I'd be subscribed to all my favourite magazines

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