Monday, November 15, 2010

KIKO Tweezers Suck

Ugh.  Bad products just make me SO angry.

I mean, making money is hard work, and I just get so pissed off when I spend it on something that sucks.  Why would companies even bother to produce a shitty product?  It's an instant reputation killer, and with global communication as open as it is these days, can companies really afford to put out a bad product?

It's something else entirely when a company makes a product that has worked for some people, that they believe in, but just doesn't work for me.  That sucks for me, but it's understandable and forgivable.  But when a product just DOESN'T WORK AT ALL, I've basically thrown my money into the sewer.  It's a complete waste - I've thrown my money away and I've given myself more garbage to dispose of. 

Because I don't see how KIKO Makeup Milano's tweezers can work for anyone - it is just pure garbage.  And that's totally crushing because I love so many of their other products.

I was in the market for a pair of tweezers because my Tweezerman tweezers are really dull, and if I send them in to be sharpened, I probably won't get them back until I go home to Canada.  So I decided to just go get a pair of inexpensive ones, and I decided on KIKO because everything else I've tried from them has been at least decent so I trust the brand, and also because I'd heard somewhere that it's a lot like Tweezerman.

Well, it's not, besides its appearance.  When I tried to use that sucker, it was just totally incapable of gripping a hair.  I'd aim it at a hair and the tweezer would just slide away.  Then I tried to squeeze the tweezer as hard as I can, and the result was that it just painfully tugged on my hair and then slid away.


It's just a complete waste to every party here - to KIKO for what it costs them to produce it and especially to the poor consumer who has fallen into this trap.

KIKO - please stop selling this piece of shit.  Love everything else you sell, but really, this is inexcusable.

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