Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Superwoman!

On dating:
"Feel free to go out with a different boy every day of the week - but save Sunday, because Sunday is for the Lord! [big smile]"  

-->This precious piece of knowledge was bestowed upon her by Sister Xavier, one of the nuns that ran the Life Experience class for the non-religious kids in her school, while the religious kids had Bible study. :P

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On counterfeit fashion and accessories:
"DON'T buy any!  Having someone recognize a fake on you is worse than the fact that you can't afford it."

On shopping (for clothes, mainly):
"Befriend salespeople."

"Never underestimate the power of good cutting, fine materials and craftsmanship."

"Pay attention to how a piece is engineered."

"Fit is everything.  Ignore the size on the label - it's all about how well it fits you, how good it makes you look.  The labels aren't visible to anyone except yourself anyway, and perhaps a boy - and trust me, they don't care about what your clothing labels say.  Unless they're gay, and you're not very good friends with them yet."

On marriage:
"Don't even contemplate it until you're at least 30, or you'll realize later that you were a total dumbhead before that threshold and didn't have a good idea of what you wanted or what you were doing with your life."

On sex:
"When you meet someone you really, really like, you should get to know him well first as friends and date him for a while.  When you come to trust him implicitly, you should BOTH get tested, swap *clean results* - and then you can get busy.
-But...sometimes things happen spontaneously...
"Well, after you've gone through all that and swapped clean tests, you can be spontaneous with him whenever you want!"

On why I should work in Hong Kong, when I'm already complaining about the stifling heat in Spain:
"You see, in Hong Kong, they have this fantastic invention called 'air-conditioning.'"

On herself:
"Aren't you SO thankful and glad that you have such a wonderful, open-minded, understanding, forward-thinking mother?"

Indeed I am!  Happy Birthday, Superwoman, my absolute favourite person in the world!  I lovelovelove you to pieces.


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