Thursday, July 19, 2012

Asian Girl Problems - Racist Relatives

Screen cap from my iPhone

I was at work earlier this week when all of a sudden, I received the text messages above, from an uncle.  I'm green, of course.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this!

Even before I got to junior high, I had been sat down on two separate occasions by two different middle-aged male family members (who have no contact with each other and therefore had no idea that someone else planned to do the same) to lecture me about dating and marriage.  More specifically, about how I'm only "allowed" to date and marry "within our race," AKA Chinese boys only.  (Which, by the way, is utterly stupid because I've got Russian blood from my mother's side from a few generations back.)

The talks were similar in many ways: brusque, adamant, loud, and threatening.  I will SHAME the whole family if I date outside the race, and I will be DISOWNED if I ever marry a non-Chinese person.  They will NEVER speak to me again if I ever commit such deplorable acts.  It is DISGUSTING for a Chinese girl to ever let a non-Chinese person lay his hands on her.  It is ABSOLUTELY AND MORALLY WRONG.   

One of them insists that all his female relatives who married white men are/were battered women.  Every time the daughters of people we know date non-Chinese boys, he'll go on a long tirade about how wrong and disgusting it is and he'd pile more threats on me.   The other condemned a close family member who dated and married men of different races, and called her a despicable, dirty woman.  "Don't you DARE even think about it!" They thundered with identical tones.

Thank goodness Superwoman's always been way cooler than them about this issue.  My maternal grandparents, actually, are also very accepting, as are my aunts.  But Superwoman's opinion is the only one that really matters to me and I know she's in my corner, that she's always got my back.  "You leave them to me if/when the situation arises," she's always told me.

On most days, I can laugh about it and how ridiculous they are, but when they catch me at a bad moment or if they harp about it long enough in one sitting, it really pisses me off.

"Oh no you WON'T wrench me away from my hypothetical non-Chinese boyfriend if you ever see us walking hand-in-hand down the street!" I want to snap in their faces.  But I don't talk back.  Because I'm a good, Chinese girl whose gotten her manners beaten into her since childhood.  And also because the only time they'll ever find out if I'm with a non-Chinese person is if I announce my engagement, so they can't do anything about it.  :P

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