Sunday, July 15, 2012

What Leads You to Me

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I was over at the lovely, brainy, and hilarious Loodie's blog when I saw her most recent post on the search terms that people have used to arrive at her blog, and decided that I would share some of mine because I've seen some doozies in my analytics account!

1.) 'robin van persie nu'
You naughty pervert, you!  'Nu' is French for naked. :P But I can understand the interest - sorry I couldn't deliver though!

2.)  'casillas x torres fanfictions'
What???  People write slash fiction for actual people?!  I've never been into slash fiction, but whatever floats your boat, my friend. ;P

3.) 'i haven't been eating and my face is pale and lots of capillaries'
That can't be fun. :S  I feel for you!

4.) 'pornstar manicures'
Gosh, do you guys see a pattern here?  What kind of readership does my blog attract?  :P  Here's a tip for anyone looking for advice on this though: get the thickest acrylic/gel nails at the most budget nail bar in your town - you shouldn't have to pay more than $25 for a full set, if that - with super long extensions, ask to get them filed into rigid square shapes, get them painted a bright, sheer, candy pink, have the tips sprayed with a stark white for a French manicure, and then make sure they add a super high-shine glossy top coat.  VoilĂ !

5.) 'weight gain girl'
 WTF?!  I don't know you and I already don't like you.  

And then there are a host of combinations of 'yellow fever,' 'Asian women,' and 'eye-enlarging contact lenses'.  Gotta love my readers! ;P

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