Saturday, July 7, 2012

NaBloPoMo Day 7: My Exercise Routine

Me @ my Superstar Spinning Class!
Those of you who've been keeping up with my Twitter have been asking me about my exercise routine, so I thought I'd share here!

I started exercising again back in the beginning of April and it's been great!  I have an established routine and I stick to it; I generally exercise 5 times a week after work, an hour per session.  It's a win-win situation because I'm doing something good for my health AND I get to skip the horrendous traffic during the commute home.

On Tuesdays, I attend my favourite Zumba class ever - it's my favourite because my instructor, Ronald, is the best.  He chooses good music, he's always cheerful and energetic, he provides options for people at different fitness levels, and best of all, his choreography is physically challenging so it'll make you sweat, but it's not too hard to follow.  I've been to two other instructor's classes and he is the very best, so I'm glad that he teaches at my home gym at a convenient time!

Also, for those of you who read my Twitter feed, I LOOOVE people watching at Zumba.  My favourite classmate is O-Face Overdoer, who makes love to herself in the mirror hardcore, wears awesome, neon outfits, and does every movement X100!  There's also BouncyBoobs, who adds a shoulder-shaking shimmy to every move, GracefulWhiteLady who reminds me of my friend Sabby, and 80PoundBralessGirl - who I'm actually concerned about, but it's not like anyone can say anything to her, even gym staff. :S

On Thursdays I go to my Superstar Spinning Class.  The instructor, Doug, is AMAZING.  He is super high energy, picks the best music, has very, very challenging moves, and his classes have a club-like atmosphere to them, with the loud music, dimmed lights, and heavy base.  This class is so popular that people MUST call in at 7am sharp the day of his class in order to book a spot (the class isn't until 5:30pm) and all the spots fill up in under 10 minutes.  I always feel completely destroyed at the end of his class, and I'm always very happy to hand my ass to myself.  I feel like I go to his class to undo my sins if I've been boozing or eating naughty food.

I don't like any other instructors' spinning classes; I find them boring.  But what I do like about spinning is that it makes me feel much more athletic than I really am, which is amazing because I've never been naturally athletic.  Ever.  So being able to keep up and rock it on the bike makes me feel really accomplished.

On Saturday mornings, I take a class that's kind of like kickboxing, aerobics, and mixed martial arts all rolled together.  It's an interdisciplinary kind of workout.  The instructor, Jen, is very energetic and fun.  Plus these workouts feel really effective because I always sweat buckets.  This class is also popular - the room can barely hold the (on average) 50 people who take this class every week.

The other two days of the week, I may take an extra Zumba/spinning/mixed martial arts class, or, more often than not, I work on the cardio machines.  I favour the arc trainer, but I'll also use the Precor AMT (if it's available), various other ellipticals/cross-trainers, and once in a blue moon, the treadmill.  A really key thing for me is that my gyms MUST have individual tv screens on the cardio machines, or else I'll have to share the 5 tvs at the front of the room, which I won't be able to change the channels for, and for some reason, one of the screens is always showing The Food Channel.  What kind of crazy masochist works out to The Food Channel?!

I know I should be strength training, and I'm starting to look into it.  I haven't started before now because the whole concept is really intimidating to an exercise n00b like me, and it's really overwhelming to figure out what exercises you should do, what weights/machines you should work with, how much weight to lift, etc, without a personal trainer.  I'd love to have a personal trainer but they are SUPER expensive...maybe I'll have one one day!

Will keep you updated if you'd like.  In the meantime, I hope you're all happy & healthy!!!


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