Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joe Fresh Orange Crush*

Last week I talked about my failed foray into trying one of the season's hottest colours...
Thankfully, this week I managed to find an orange that totally suits me!  I LOVE this colour so, so much.  It's very vibrant, the application was very smooth (although - and you can't see it here - the smile line still shows through after 4 coats, which I don't love), and this polish was very affordable.

This is Joe Fresh's Orange Crush nail polish.  I absolutely love Joe Fresh polishes because they have a great selection of super on-trend colours, and they are only $4 each or 3 for $10.  The bottles aren't very large, but the size is more than decent, and it's not a big problem because you likely won't want to wear trendy colours season after season anyway.

I was also very impressed by the width of their brushes.  The bristles are on the short side, but the brushes are actually quite wide, which makes application very easy.  I mean, it's not OPI brush, but for an affordable polish - I must say theirs are some of the best brushes I've tried. 

I have my eye on a turquoise and a grass green; I can't wait to go pick up some more bright, fun colours!

[*AN: edited to correct the name; was originally posted as Orange Soda]

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