Monday, April 1, 2013

30DC1: A Baby Picture of Me

That face clearly says, "I'm so pissed off, Mommy!"

This is a photo of me in Superwoman’s* arms, right after an epic, hour-long, wailing hissy fit in the car that frayed my grandfather's nerves (and almost caused a car accident because he was driving). Said fit occurred because
I was forced to wear shoes that I didn't like. They were a gift from my paternal grandparents, who were visiting us from Hong Kong. On our day trip to Niagara, my parents decided to shove my poor tootsies into them, and I was just not having any of it!

“It was non-stop screaming and crying for a full hour**,” Superwoman remembers with a shudder, “and we had no idea why until we took off your shoes.  They were probably hurting you.”

As soon as we arrived and they removed the offending footwear, I shut up right away – I was a very reasonable kid – but I was still visibly pissed off, as you can see in the picture. The delicious egg cookie roll in my hand was my parents’ form of an olive branch. It didn’t quite work.

To this day, when food doesn’t appease me, the problem is serious business!

*You know what's really scary?  Superwoman's only about 4 months older than I am now in this photo!

**You can tell how well-behaved I was by the fact that an hour-long wailing fit is remembered so clearly and with such horror a quarter of a century later!  I know kids who do this on a daily basis. :P

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