Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30DC17: Something I Don't Leave Home Without

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This is one of my Holy Grails, not just because it's effective for what it's meant for, but also because it's got many uses!  I also love Blistex Medicated Lip Balm in Mint, which is less expensive than Lip Medex, but because I prefer this one just a little more, I've featured it in today's post.  I tend to use the pot at home and the stick on-the-go.

There's a bit of controversy surrounding medicated lip balms because they supposedly create a dependence in users.  I actually wouldn't be surprised - I start to hanker for this like crazy if I've forgotten mine at home - but seeing as how it doesn't actually have adverse health effects, I just keep using it.  That, and it feels too good on the lips!  Products that don't make my lips tingle just aren't as satisfying - I like feeling when my lip balm is there, you know?

Besides all that, my lips are extremely prone to dryness and cracking, particularly at the corners, so this product is indispensable to me and I can't leave home without it.  I reapply throughout the day as needed, after I eat, after I brush my teeth, after I shower, etc.  I go through quite a few of these in a year, so I always stock up when they're on sale.

So what are the uses besides moisturizing lips, you ask?  They are as follows:
*moisturizing dry patches on my face (which happens to me quite frequently regardless of how often I moisturize because of my eczema and because of the cold, dry climate I live in)
*slathering on cracked heels to soothe pain and help them heal faster
*blending out concealer and/or foundation when I've applied a bit too much product on certain areas
*priming specific spots on the skin for makeup when I have no other moisturizers on me
*hydrating my cuticles, especially after I've taken out a hang nail
*protecting a sudden eczema flare-up site if it's not covered by clothing, and soothing itchiness

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