Friday, April 26, 2013

30DC26: Something I Want

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In my very shallow way of looking at the world, of course I’m taking “Something I Want” to mean a material thing, as opposed to airy-fairy shit like enlightenment and children and world peace (which I actually do want, but we all know how likely that’ll happen in the foreseeable future).  Great – my ThingWhore Hat is firmly on.

Besides being a notorious and cultivated ThingWhore, I’m also a huge list & spreadsheet aficionada.  Put those together and what do you get? 
A massive, multi-tabbed, hyper-organized spreadsheet floating on a cloud in the interwebs entitled Ultimate Wishlist. 

My favourite thing to spend money on, besides plane tickets and food, is tech gadgets.  God, I love toys so much.  I have no shame in my geekdom.

I started using Mac products about two years ago and, like many people who convert, I quickly became an Apple fangirl.  I’d owned a couple generations of iPods by then but I was never really into their whole system – until I got my MacBook Pro and my iPhone.  But, alas, having very limited funds has curbed my fangirlness. 

Instead of an iPad, you see, I’m starting to think that I’d be perfectly happy to own a Google Nexus 7, which is a fraction – we’re talkin’ less than half here – of the price of an iPad and performs very well.  But that’s not what I’m the most excited about because I feel like tablets are mostly for people who travel a lot and sadly, I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like.

Consequently, what I’m most excited about and really, really want is a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook.  Like many of the gadgets I own, this was introduced to me by my big brother.  I told him about how I wanted a device to write on that’s light and portable.  I’m remarkably productive in nice cafes!  Trendy as tablets are, they aren’t the best to type on, so I need something else. 

The Chromebook, he said, is the perfect solution because it’s light, small but still reasonably comfortable to type on, and only $250 – in the States, anyway.  In Canada, it’s $270 +13% tax. >.<  But it’s pretty much everything I need, and with the good reviews due to its fast booting time and long battery life, it’s perfect.  Also, I’m a huge Google product fan – I use Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Maps, Drive (which is now what Docs has become), and Analytics.

I briefly considered the other Chromebook by Acer but the reviews for the Samsung are much better, and I trust people who shell out their hard-earned cash.  So this is at the very top of my wishlist and I’m debating whether to get it here or wait until the next time I head to the States…

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