Friday, April 19, 2013

30DC19: Someone Who Fascinates Me

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If you've been reading my blog for a while, you probably know that people generally fascinate me. (See here [explicit], here, and here.)

Today's subject is no stranger to my Twitter followers, because she's brought indelible joy to my life and I've talked about her a lot.  Looking back at my feed, I can't believe I first met her almost a year ago!  She made my week every single week for months, until she disappeared last fall...then suddenly, last month, she came back into my life and made my weeks complete again!

She, my friends, is OFace Overdoer:
January 29
Dear OFace: I miss witnessing your visual masturbation; there's been a void in my life since u stopped coming 2 #Zumba. Pls return soon! ❤Me

July 11
I missed oface @ zumba yest! Boobybouncer & 80poundbraless girl were also absent. :( But there was a new classmate: BralessTightTankAuntie!

July 4
Oface gave me TheGreatestGiftofAll ystrday: neonyellowbra+neonyellowtop w/ bigholes+electricpurple ruffldskirt, the better 2 bootybounce in!

June 12
saw bouncyboobs, o-face, & spt (sexy personal trainer) today - my week is pretty much made!

June 5
Of course, i could always depend on OFaceOverdoer to show up, eyef*ck herself into blissful oblivion and, consequently, make my week! :D

May 22
O-face totally brought it today & even broke out the thai dance fingers/hands! She brings me SO MUCH JOY! :D #zumba

Those are some tweets I've posted about my source of joy, OFace Overdoer.  She is a classmate at my favourite Zumba class.  I love everything about her, from her penchant for clashing, fluorescent clothing to her jazz hands and Thai dance fingers.  Most of all, I love how much she loves herself. 

Every class is her personal recital.  In her head she is Anita Mui, dancing up a storm in a fully-packed stadium of adoring fans.  Before every class, she stretches like an Olympic athlete preparing for the performance of her life - full out splits, putting her feet over & behind her head, balancing on one foot with her back arched and her leg extended as high as it will go behind her...for ZUMBA. 

She scans the class periodically to size up her competition - who is the best dancer after her?  No one can touch how expressive she is; she dances with everything she's got! 

But most of the time she is adoring herself in the mirror.  She feeds off her self-adulation and it builds up until her round and squat body explodes and makes everything HUGE!  Slight knee dips become grand pliés, hops become on-the-spot grand jetés - her limbs threaten to take out anyone within the radius of her reach...she will not compromise her physical grace and majesty, regardless of how crowded the class is.

She always arrives extra early to nab her favourite spot right at the front of the room - directly diagonal from the instructor - so that she can see him clearly but also so that she has the largest, most unobstructed view of herself in the mirror as possible.  Because she needs to admire herself.  She alternates between dancing with her chin up and her eyes down (as if inviting the world to bask in her amazingness) and fawning over herself with winks, blown kisses (I am dead serious!), and most of all, the most intense eyef*cking I've ever witnessed.

When I don't see her, I feel like my week is incomplete.  Here's to many more classes with her to brighten my week! :D

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