Tuesday, April 2, 2013

30DC2: My Signs

I know - I couldn't believe I could find such a perfect graphic, either!
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30 Day Challenge Day 2: Your zodiac sign and if it suits you

I am a
Pisces bunny.
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Bunnies (Chinese zodiac) are supposed to have strong interpersonal skills and an obedient* nature.  We do not like aggressive behaviour or confrontation.  We are serene and go with the flow, but we can also be doormats and sneaky.  Additionally, we are into aesthetics and are as calm and intelligent.  Everything seems about right, except maybe the calm and sneaky parts!

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Pisceans, I keep reading, are impractical dreamers. We’re supposed to be emotional, sensitive, indecisive, compassionate, nurturing, gentle, affectionate, and malleable. I’ve never liked reading my horoscope descriptions – especially when I read things that I don’t like but recognize to be true. >.< I like to think of myself as a decisive, cerebral, logical, and practical. And I am. But I can’t deny the sensitive (ugh), malleable (ugh!), and sometimes emotional (UGH!) parts, either – but I try to curb those things. But then I remind myself that, hey, Einstein was a Piscean, too. :P

*I hate admitting that I'm obedient, but I must say, I must have been a pleasure to raise and to babysit.  I'm just not a rebellious person and I follow rules.  I can probably count on one hand all the times I really wanted to do something that my mom really didn't want me to do.  Man, I hope my kids turn out like me!

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