Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30DC16: A Recipe

If you need a recipe for a simple, delicious, and adequately impressive dessert, I highly recommend this! I recently made it for breakfast – it was meant for dessert the night before, but we were too full and had to save this for the next day. Sweetheart was impressed, I was delighted, and it was all-around happiness! Best thing is that it takes only about 5 minutes, if that. Without further ado, here’s how you make my peach flambĂ©:

Serves 2

2 ripe-but-firm peaches, pitted & sliced (I like to use one small peach per person or a large one for two people)
2 tbsp butter (I like to use unsalted)
2 tbsp brown sugar (dark and light both work well)
1 generous splash of gold rum (anywhere from 2-4tbsps)
2 scoops vanilla ice cream (we don’t buy or eat ice cream very often, so I got us the good stuff – Haagen-Dazs!)

1.) Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat and make sure there’s nothing flammable close by.
2.) Add the sugar and stir to melt – if there are still some chunks of sugar after a while, don’t worry about it.
3.) Add the sliced peaches and mix gently to coat and to cook. You want to see them soften and start to caramelize.
4.) Add rum and (very carefully!!!) light it on fire. The fire should simmer out by itself after a few seconds but if it doesn’t, blow it out or put a lid on the pan to put it out. You only want it on fire long enough to make all the alcohol evaporate.
5.) Scoop ice cream into your serving dish and spoon the peachy goodness on top. If you’re feeling fancy, feel free to garnish with a sprig of mint and/or some raspberries! :D

Bon appétit!

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