Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30DC24: Ways to Win My Heart

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I think these things are pretty universal:

  1. Be good to my family. And by family, I primarily mean my mother. I may roll my eyes when people suck up to my mom, but secretly, I’m very pleased. Also, my rationale is - when I’m with someone, I will love his mother like my own, so I think my mom deserves the same treatment.
  2. Be nice to my friends. A guy doesn’t have to be BFFs with my friends, but he should be kind and polite at the very least. This also involves being gay-friendly, so those who are not need not apply. I don’t care how rich or good-looking or in love with me a man is if he is not gay-friendly. I don’t mean he has to be a PFLAG member or a fag hag like I am, but he needs to at least be respectful.
  3. Be good to me.  I don't just mean being affectionate and caring.  It's equally important to demonstrate not just a willingness but a genuine desire to take care of me and provide for me.
  4. Total bo-brainer: Feed me good food. I’ve made it as easy as possible because I actually have a Google Map of all my favourite places to eat in Toronto and a separate one for all the places I’d like to try here. I also have a hybrid map (places I like AND places to try) for New York City, Paris, and Madrid, and I’m working on Barcelona, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. I plan to make one for all my favourite cities in the world. So, creativity is welcome in taking me out for good food, but it clearly is not a necessity.
  5. Praise my intelligence. I’m very vain about my intellect. Telling me how amazing it is that I speak 5 languages or what a good writer I am or how insightful a comment I made was will go a lot further than telling me I’m physically attractive – which is appreciated but just not the same.

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