Sunday, April 28, 2013

30DC28: Outfit of the Day

Guys, this didn't turn out so well.  I don't think I could be a fashion blogger because, besides the energy and creativity it takes to put together cute outfits, no one I know has the photography chops to help me with this!  You see, I made the grave mistake of getting Sweetheart to take a picture of me.  I told him I was doing a blog post on my outfit and of course, this is what he captured:

Making everything about my butt is his superpower.
 So I closed the bathroom door, turned around, and this is what happened:
I wasn't even looking at the camera and you can't even see what I'm wearing inside!  So I opened up my jacket a little and this was the best shot of the day:
Of course, I probably shouldn't have done this after trekking over an hour in the rain...and I probably should've put on some make up, gone to a nice outdoor place for some natural lighting (because Sweetheart likes to be shrouded in darkness at home >.<) and a more interesting background...

This first attempt wasn't great but perhaps I'll try again someday!  Because you couldn't see my dress, I took a picture of it in the washroom at work to show you guys (I know, I was one of those!):
Trench Coat: Zara Basic
Scarf: some pashmina-wannabe thing I bought on the streets of Barcelona
Dress: Style Moda Italiana (Superwoman bought this in some chichi select shop here in Toronto back in the 90s)
Cardigan (only visible in the last photo): Jacob (used to fit properly and now fits like a grandpa cardigan)
Tights: Steve Madden (from DSW New York)
Patent Cream Pumps: Nine West

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