Friday, April 12, 2013

30DC12: Picture of Me 3 Years Ago

Here I am nearly 3 years ago, literally having a gay, old time during Madrid’s Pride parade – Orgullo 2010 – which is also where I met my sweet and brilliant friend, Mateo. It was muscles, boobs, and glitter everywhere! Somehow,
my friends and I decided to jump into the parade, and we were walking behind a bunch of shirtless guys in soccer shorts – for why that is significant, click here. I’d been eyeing this handsome, gay dude (as one does), when my friends finally managed to convince me to ask for a photo, and he obliged. I get nervous around attractive men, even if I know they’re gay and would have absolutely no interest in me – and even if asking/being asked for photos is a perfectly normal occurrence during Pride. :P

I’ll never forget this experience because, nudity aside, this took place during one of Spain’s matches in World Cup 2010. As we danced in the parade to Venga Boys’ Boom Boom under never-ending confetti rain, everyone would know when Spain scored a goal because there’d be a thunderous roar that’d reverberate all the way down Gran Via – the enormous main artery of Madrid. The atmosphere and the energy were unlike anything I’d ever experienced before!

After Spain won, the parade culminated with us in the super-packed Plaza de Espana, where there were people as far as the eye could see. It was very hot and fleshy, with thousands of bodies tightly pressed together, constantly trying to get closer to the stage. By the time Kylie Minogue finally showed up after several opening acts, I ignored my deep-seated fear of public nudity and whipped off my tank top to dance in my bra and pencil skirt. I fit right in and was one of the least naked people there, of course!

And because I can’t not follow up all that description with some visuals, here's a video I made of Madrid Orgullo 2010:

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