Friday, April 5, 2013

30DC5: Meaning Behind My Blog Name

How appropriate, because I often get asked about the origin of my blog name! “The Soap Heiress” comes from two things:

First of all, Superwoman owns an all-natural handmade soaps/candles hobby business, so that makes me The Soap Heiress.

The second reason is because when I was in high school, my boy best friend, RN, and I loved the movie White Chicks – don’t judge! We were so cool that we used to quote the lines back and forth to each other – not just this movie but all of our favourites. And at the beginning of White Chicks, when the Wayans first arrive at the Hamptons as the rich girls, somebody yells, “Look, it’s Karen, the soap heiress!” So the name kind of stuck.

And that’s why my blog is named The Soap Heiress!

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