Sunday, April 21, 2013

30DC21: What's In My Purse

My purse and its contents - the only thing not pictured is my phone (iPhone4), which I used to take this picture!
A gay man once proclaimed that I have "THE most boring purse, like, ever" after rifling through mine, and he proceeded to ask if I really were born female, because how could any woman leave the house so unprepared?!

"What if
you have a headache or cramps or something?  What if you realized during a washroom break on a date that you had crap in your teeth?  What if you spilled wine on a white blouse?  What if you were getting shiny in the T-zone mid-day?  What if, god forbid, you got a papercut or your nail polish was nicked or you found a run in your nylons or CHANNING FREAKIN' TATUM suddenly happens to appear where you are at the moment?  What would you do???  GOD, honey, you are so lucky to have me.  I honestly have no idea how you get by when you're not hanging out with me."

So I'll let you guys be the judge of whether or not I'm that bad. :P

Here is my purse - at the moment I'm using a Lauren by Ralph Lauren one, which was a gift from my aunt.  It's small and has plenty of room for all the things I'm willing to carry around.  I tend to be quite hard on my purses and I pretty much don't switch until they fall apart.  Usually the life cycle of my purses go like this: I'll buy one that I love, use the sh!t out of it for a season or two (if it can last that long) and when it dies/starts to die, I'll get another one and go through the process again.  If I ever use high end purses, I won't abuse them like this, but...this works for me right now.  I like rocking unique styles and not having to be paranoid all the time about what's happening to them. :)

In my purse I have:
*an iPhone cable (because iPhones have crappy batteries that aren't built to last and my 15-month-old is already starting to fail me)
*my wallet, which was a gift from Superwoman - I adore the colour and I like that it's compact
*my on-the-go makeup bag
*a security tag for work, which is attached to my Canada Blood Services tag because I'm a proud blood donor
*an Advair disk, because I have asthma
*a Quo glass nail file in a velvet pouch (I love that it comes in the pouch because I've dropped and broken about 4 Kiko ones)
*a mini nail clipper for pesky hang nails - I'd been meaning to get one for my purse for the longest time and now that I have it, I am so happy about this decision!
*Sabai-arom Jasmine hand cream, which is from Thailand and smells just diviiine - I'm a sucker for all things jasmine; it was a gift and to be honest, I never really use hand cream but I love pulling this out just to smell it sometimes
*a pen; I love the Bic Round Stic Grip pens in blue because they write super smoothly and I'll buy a couple boxes of them every summer because people tend to steal them from me >.<
*lip balm
*Chanel limited edition lip palette, a gift from my German auntie & uncle; I can't bring myself to actually use the product inside, but I carry this around for the mirror - the poor thing is pretty scratched up now
*birthday money - which I don't have year-round, obviously
*Excel Spearmint breath mints - I don't really buy gum because it's not biodegradable
*NARs blush that I plan to return - there's nothing wrong with it but I bought it at Sephora because I forgot that I could get it at Murale and earn points!
*eye drops because I'm planning to get laser soon and I need to keep my eyes well-hydrated
*a 16GB USB key - I'm not quite sure why I always carry one with me wherever I go, but it's come in handy before!

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